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Model is Saya Takazawa. This time, leave the uniforms, it had become a golden appearanc..
And wearing a real bunny girl costume, Ma and motor Vibe, it rolled blame in Shibian! ! In th..
Human vacuum pack Light 05
It is a human vacuum pack light series 5th. 2 pattern included! ! 1, compression & ..
Captivity box ver.03
This box was pleased about I want to take home, Sakuraba urea, is open leg restraint confinement ..
Girls in pillow cover  in Urea Sakuraba
3nd series, Urea Sakuraba!!   google translator ..
To Sakuraba urea's, where we asked the gold powder shooting, by and with the wanted to experi..
I had to experience the Shibian very women big breasts! !   google translator ..
Facial aquarium NG
This work is NG work. Because that could not following what you had originally planned, it coul..
Suffocation 01~04 sets
Is currently being sold "Suffocation" series, to 1-4, all four works, you can purchase at special..
¥14,400円 ¥7,600円
Black Painting 014
Ask become systemic black, and I tried to blame in Ma. Very easy to feel model's, it was impr..
Black Painting ALL sets
¥27,800円 ¥9,800円
White Painting 006
When told that it is may be starting to paint from the place I love, it is a model who you've sta..
White Painting ALL sets
Is currently being sold "White Painting" series, to 1-5, a total of five works, I can be purchase..
¥12,000円 ¥4,600円
Girls in pillow cover  in electric massage machine
2nd series, this time electric massage masturbation! !   google translator ..
Suffocation 04
Himself and strangled with a string, is a hands on round wound with tape, ... not can also take o..
Captivity box ver.02
Constrain the high school girls in Captivity box, Ma blame! ! In previous work, because there..
And coating the gold from the top of the plain clothes that you bring, I had become systemic gold..
Uniforms of junior high school students were asked to experience the SYBIAN to girls look great! ..
In elementary school, Shibian experiences and, and ... When you vacuum pack, the copper-colored p..
Rubber Mask 010
In a state of being restrained both limbs in the chair, covered with three kinds of masks, electr..
High school students compression bag
Student compression third series! ! This time, is the schoolgirl ed.   ※ under t..
Black Painting 013
The girl bunny figure is very becoming, and handed the black Dolan, and convey the effect is good..
Suffocation 03
The fog various bag, enjoy the breath control, and strangled in a variety of string, and finally ..
I had become very suits silver powder figure in women's uniforms. When tell that it may be pa..
Captivity box ver.01
I wanted to production for a long time, the restraint was female, can be allowed to put the key c..
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